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I’m going to assume this has happened to anyone who’s ever cuddled anyone and has a penis.

Source (find the exact comic yourself; at least I linked you to the webpage)

no, no, dont do this, please, if you are cuddling w/ me your boner is like a compliment and i welcome you to grind that shit into the back of my legs


// Um. Yeah. 

Not that I’ve run away from RP land entirely but I’ve just really been caught up with things in life. Not just kaiju alpha senpai sir things but stuff like… trying to find work again and working on new art for next year’s convention and basically artist stuff again. 

And on that note I’m not entirely sure when I’ll be back properly. My kaiju hasn’t left me; she IS me and she sits at the back of my head, doing admin work and generally shuffling things about and making sure I answer emails and get regular life things in order. 

It is generally much easier to find me on skype though, if you do want to look for me and talk and.. stuff. 

…. I’ll be lurking though. So you may find that I have liked a post or two but not really posting much on my own. 

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